Frank Higgs Day Events


The Frank Higgs Day celebrates the start of the Hampshire Hogs cricket season.

Frank Higgs was the principal umpire for the Hogs between 1971 and 1982, and is well remembered for his cry “Gentlemen, cricket!” with which he opened each session of play. After his passing a fund in memorial for his passion for cricket was donated to support and promote junior cricket of the Hampshire Hogs.


Programme of Events

Arrival: Please report to match desk to receive a Hoggets T-Shirt and receive instructions from your match manager.

11:00am: U13’s Match—30 overs

12:30pm: Barbecue opens for spectators

2:30pm: Barbecue served to all players

3:00pm: U16’s Match—35 overs

3:30pm: Afternoon tea available from the pavillion for all spectators

4:45pm: Afternoon tea served to all players

7:00pm: End of Play


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