President’s 2020 Auction


The Hogs spent over £85,000 last winter on re-roofing and refurbishing the pavilion at Warnford. Without the amazing efforts of our Treasurer, Tim Durston, the bill would have been closer to £100,000.  I am sure that, when we are allowed to use the pavilion safely, members will be delighted with the results.

This year’s President’s Auction is aimed at making Warnford a place for our members, young and old, to work on their games.  We would like to encourage players to visit the ground to net and practise during the week and, with this in mind, we propose to buy a mobile net to allow us to have middle practice on the square.  We also want to add to our coaching offering which has been so well supported by the Hoggets and brilliantly organised by the Chairman of Cricket, Jonathan Grant, and Emma Talbot-Williams.

I hope we will now be able to see lots of cricket at Warnford over what remains of the summer and I look forward to seeing you there.

Please support this year’s auction by following the link above. The auction will close at 7pm on Friday 7th August.

Thank you for your support and best wishes.


Peter Came



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